Gyms…What Makes you Different?

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Being different is what people want. Being different and standing out is what creates the experience that people pay for, write about, tell their friends about and makes a difference. In my experiences in the fitness industry we have been different because we (elite training) focus so much on building a culture of caring. It is sad to say that in the fitness industry a lot of gyms have one goal in mind and that is to ONLY get customers but very few actually try to KEEP customers. What I mean is when the gym wants to sign you up or get you started they woo you and make you feel important just to get you to sign up but after you sign on the dotted line they forget all about you. How many times have you heard of angry members talking about when they call customer service they were treated as if they were some kind of peasant? Why can’t we actually care about the members and treat them like human beings that we are?

Being different means saying hi to the members when they walk through the door and asking them how their day has gone. Being different means approaching members on the work out floor to see if they need any help with their exercises or any questions. Being different means when training the members you are completely engaged in the actual session. Being different means doing whatever it takes to make the members and potential members feel so special that when they leave their lives just got better.

Say thank you when people sign up with you, share their successes with them and celebrate their victories just like they were your own family because they are. The gym is a place that changes so many people’s lives and does so many positive things that we cannot forget why we are in business which is to help people. I cannot wait to see the day when customer service in the gym and fitness industry becomes mandatory and if you don’t have customer service ….you don’t have a business.

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